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Email: artem@genkin.ru

Skype: ulaluum

Born in 1974 in Moscow.

Scientific degrees

Doctor of Economics (since 2006). Professor of Economy (since 2012). Full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Section “Problems of Macroeconomics and Social Market” (since 2009).

Languages: Russian, French, English, German.


1990-95 — the Financial Academy by the Government of the Russian Federation (FA, Moscow — now the Financial University) — the faculty of international economic relations.

1993-94 — National School of Insurance (ENAss, Paris) — specialty “Management of insurance”. 1998 — FA of the Government of the Russian Federation – PhD in Economics, the subject of thesis — the fiduciary (trust) operations.

2006 — FA — Doctor of Economics (at the age of 31), the subject of thesis — the realization of economic interests in the national and private monetary system.

Professional achievements, awards, certificates

1992 — the best scientific work of economic student of Russia (winner at the All-Russian competition of student’s works in the field of economy, organized by the «Reform» Foundation of the academician S. Shataline).

1999 — the qualification certificate of FKCB (then Federal Control Service on Stock Market), corresponding to the post of the director (controller) of an investment company

2008 — RANS — the Medal of honor «For the Achievements in the Field of Economy», named after W. W. Leontiev

2008 — The certificate of honor of Administration of the Arkhangelsk region (for activity as the non-staff adviser to the Head of administration for economy and finance)

2015 — The certificate of honor of the Federal Agency for State Property Management (the Rosimushestvo)

Publications: almost 200 articles in the leading economic and legal magazines of the country («Questions of Economy», «Finances», «Banking», «Business and Banks», «Finances and Credit», «Capital and Law», “Banking Technologies», «Corporate Lawyer», «Management of Company», “Corporate Governance», «Harward Business Review — Russia» etc.) as well as in the official «Russian newspaper».

Scientific books:

1999 — Real trust: worldwide experience and Russian practice;

2001 — Monetary surrogates in Russian economy;

2002 — Private money: history and modernity;

2003 — Planet of WEB-money;

2005 — Private monetary systems and the economic interests of the society.

2008 — Planet of WEB-money in the XXI century.

2010 — Internet and economy. (Education guidance.) (With Dumnaya N.N., Vafina N. H., Muravyeva A. V.) (manual for schoolchildren of 10th and 11th form).

2011 — Electronic Payments: Future Comes Today. (With E. Suvorova.)

2012 — The Future for Electronic Payments in Russia: Trends, Problems, and Prospects. — London, Searching Finance.

2016 — Banks. Investors. DIA: Educational and practical guidance. (Together with Bakhtin N. V., Vasilyeva E. B.)

2016 — Electronic currency in the light of modern legal and economic calls. (Together with Sidorenko E.L., Semykina O.I. (Eds.))

2017 — Invest-Foresight. Best investment and financial cases. (Together with Nikulin S. S., Frumkin K. G. (Eds.)) https://shop.if24.ru/product/invest-forsajt-luchshie-investitsionnye-i-finansovye-kejsy/

2018 — Invest-Foresight. Startups, technologies, investments. (Together with Nikulin S. S., Frumkin K. G. (Eds.))

2018 – Blockchain: How it works and what awaits us tomorrow. (Together with Mikheev A. A.) https://shop.if24.ru/product/blokchejn-kak-eto-rabotaet-i-chto-zhdet-nas-zavtra/

2019 — Invest-Foresight: Horizons of Innovation. (Together with Nikulin S. S., Frumkin K. G. (Eds.))

2020 — CORONAECONOMIY. Chronicle of the economic consequences of the 2020 pandemic. — (Together with Frumkin K. G. (Eds.)) (https://shop.if24.ru/)


2007— The Capture (Together with Molotnikov A.) (An economical bestseller about raiders’ activities).

Professional activities:

Since 2011 – CEO of «Consulting & Analytical Union» (www.coanso.ru)

Since 2012 – founder of licensed digital mass media «INVEST-FORSIGHT» (www.if24.ru – Russian version, www.investforesight.com – English version)

Since 2015 – president of ANO “Center of Protection of Bank Clients and Investors” (www.zvi2015.ru)

Executive director of «Consulting Group «ASPECT» (www.cg-aspect.ru)

Recent Public and Expert activities:

2008 — Head of Section «Electronic payments» in the RAEC (the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, www.raecs.ru)

2009 —  Member of the supervisory board of the ROCIT (Regional Public Centre of Internet Technologies, www.rocit.ru)

2009 —  Head of Working subgroup on electronic trade in the Commission concerning use and development of the Internet network founded by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

2013-2016 — member of Expert & Consulting Council by the Federal Agency for State Property Management (EKS by the Rosimushestvo), deputy head of committee on the Property of Treasury and Land Plots in Public Property

2014-2015 — deputy head of board, Non Commercial Partnership «Professional Community of Directors «DIRECTORIUM» (www.directorium.pro)

2014-2017 — member of Supervisory board, Non Commercial Partnership «National Payment Council» (www.npc.ru)

2016-2017 — participant of a working group at Committee on security of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on a risks assessment of turnover of cryptocurrencies

2016-now — member of the committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on the financial markets and credit institutions

2016-now — member of Advisory council by the Bank of Russia on protection of financial services consumers and minority shareholders

2017-now — member of the Board of trustees of Federal public-state foundation on protection of the rights of investors and shareholders (http://fedfond.ru/about/popechitelskiy-sovet/)

2019-now — member of the Council of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on the financial, industrial and investment policy

Author’s columns, reports, comments:














Airs on radio:

“Kommersant FM” radio station

“Business FM” radio station

Radio «Mediametrix»

“RTV Moscow Area” radio station

“City FM” radio station

“Our Radio” radio station


Airs on TV:

Channel One (“Other News” & “National Economy Broadcast” programs)

“Channel One” (“Evening News” program)

“Russia-2” TV channel (“Vesti.ru” Program)

“Mir” TV channel

“Vesti 24” TV channel (“Common market” program)

“Ekspert” TV channel

“Rain” TV channel

“PRO Money” TV channel (“ATV”)

“Zakon TV” TV channel

“CNews TV” TV channel (“IT week” Program)

“Moscow area” TV channel

“OTV” (“HOUSE E” program)


Scientific Activities

During many years: Member of editorial board in scientific magazines «Financial Business» & «World of New Economy». Former Member of Dissertation Council at the Financial University (provides evaluation and decision-making on doctoris thesis of PhDs and Doctors of Economy).



Organizational and legal infrastructure for payment systems and Internet-services Creation under the individual order of the client of an organizational-legal infrastructure for legitimate activity of domestic and foreign payment systems, Internet-services, card programs, club programs and bonus loyalty programs.

Support of activity of international companies and foreign investors

Recommendation on start and structurizing of activity in the Russian Federation

Check of existing and selection of new reliable partners

Appraisal of investment projects (safety, risks, expediency of participation)

Representation at negotiations and in interaction with the official parties

Market research according to client’s order

Examination of the client’s documentation (in Russian, English, French, German)

Corporate law

Legal support of processes of merge and acquisition of companies.

Protection against hostile acquisition and attempts of capture of the company.

Legal support of pre-sale preparation of business

Formation of holding companies Reorganization of business Development of documentation regulating internal field of activity of the company.

Realization of corporate actions

Consulting on legal regulation of financial market

Representation of the client in relations with state bodies of the Russian Federation 

Legal support of transactions with real estate

Development of schemes of alienation and purchase of real estate

Representation of the client in registering bodies

Legal support of transactions

Purchase of real estate:

Judicial contest of laws concerning real estate

Preparation of packages of documents for transactions with real estate

Legal examination and optimization of rent (subrent) contracts

Cooperation with realtor companies

Study of «sophisticated» objects (restoration of documents, liquidation of debts, elimination of burdens, preparation of objects for tenders, etc.)

Legal assistance

Legal examination of a situation of the client

Legal consultation

Participation in client’s negotiations with counterparts

Pre-judicial settlement of disputes

Organization of seminars for employees of the client

Representation of interests in judicial and other state bodies

Sanction of judicial disputes of the client at any stage.

Protection of client’s interests in relations with law bodies, bodies of government and local self-management.

Corporate analysis

Analysis of foundation and internal documents of the company and subsequent development of recommendations

Analysis of management structure of the company, recommendations on its perfection and transformation

Check of documentation concerning the register of owners

Analysis of the transactions accomplished by a society for observance of all necessary corporate procedures and receptions of the consent from state bodies

Estimation of corporate risks and forecasting

Safety of business

Estimation of vulnerability of the company from corporate aggressors, tax bodies and other power structures.

Definition of a degree of vulnerability of business from external encroachments.

Development of recommendations providing the best possible safety of all parties of business of the client

Development and an embodiment of schemes providing the owner’s corporate control over the enterprise

Protection of the company against attempts of unfriendly acquisition at all stages of corporate opposition

Return of control over the lost business of the client

Support of sale and purchase of business

Pre-sale analysis of business

Revealing of possible legal risks

Realization of necessary legal actions directed on increase of cost of business (registration of property rights to real estate, sanction of disputed situations with tax and other state bodies). Legal support of the business sale/purchase transaction

Control of execution of the business sale/purchase transaction

Risk estimation and due diligence

Estimation of possible legal risks and legal consequences of purchase of the real estate, business, etc.

Revealing of problematic and potentially-dangerous features in client’s business

Legal forecasting of the further development of legislative activity, litigations, presentations of claims, etc.

Due diligence resulting in an official conclusion

Legal support of competitive wars

Planning and realization of legitime legal actions directed against competitors of the customer Legal prosecution of persons, carrying out an unfair competition, infringement of copylaws, etc. Complex services

Outsourcing of legal department (legal adviser) functions for companies (holdings)

Preparation and development of complex business-projects

Attraction of investment resources

Complex support of the transaction with object of real estate (business) with (without) finding of the counterpart.

Shareholders’ Agreements

Analytical conclusions on the enterprises, holdings, and regions of the Russian Federation

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